19th Century Textiles

It’s me again, Hattie. Just wanted to share my love of fashion with you.  Recently, I have been following the work of fashion designers throughout the ages. In particular, I am interested in vintage prints. My absolute favourite was William Morris, the 19th century British textile designer.  Although best known for his design of home interior fabrics and wallpaper, Morris also designed fabrics for garments.  What I love most about Morris’ textile design is that he created these beautiful fabrics using old methods and entirely natural dyes.


Sir Arthur Lasenby Liberty, genius founder of the Liberty print, is another 19th century designer who has inspired me greatly. And I’m not alone. Fashion designer, Kate Moss, is such a fan of the Liberty print that she has teamed up with the Liberty Arts Fabric Team to design modern day garments.  Many of her collaborations with Topshop have used fabric designed by the Liberty team, respecting the great legacy of Sir Liberty himself, by retaining all of the essential elements of his original designs. The beautiful print below is an example of Liberty’s work.



 So, in light of my new-found love of 19th century textile design, I am going to try and make something using a similar fabric.  As a William Morris piece is harder to come by, I’m going to try and get my hands on some Liberty fabric, which There seems to be an abundance of available on online.  I’m thinking a new eye mask, to replace my beloved lost one, would be a good place to start.  If successful, I’ll share some photos of my work here. If a disaster, I might just revert to my first love and go shopping instead!