Art I Love

Hi followers! Gosh that sounds strange saying that.. I hope I have a few! It is a great morning and I have decided to kick start my blog about Art. My favourite art is probably street art... I love Banksy and everything he does. It’s a bit of a dream of mine to meet him, but I bet there are lots of us like that! I wonder if he’ll ever reveal himself??? Big cities with amazing street art, like London, Berlin and Barcelona are places that I really love to visit, and I always look at what a city offers in terms of street art before I plan a trip there. If anyone has any suggestions on that I would love to hear them! I want to make it my mission to see as many Banksy’s in as many foreign cities by the time I am 30. He was even nominated as one of the 100 most influential people, back in 2010. He sent in a photo of himself with a paper bag on his head!


I also love other forms of art. Sculptures are fascinating and take a very well developed dexterity to pull off convincing pieces. I also love Jackson Pollock and his abstract expressionism. What I love about art is the connection to human emotions. It can make me feel like nothing else can. It causes me to challenge the way I think about things whilst also marvelling in the world we have around us.


I am not such a competent artist myself but I will always enjoy going to exhibitions and exploring new places. Just because you are not good at something does not mean you cannot appreciate it in its entirety. Passion is what is required… and the want to understand.