Fem Street Art

I have always loved street art. In fact, I come from a city famous for its street art and artists, a city that hosts an annual street art festival.  We’ve all heard of Banksy and his innumerable works, themes and creative exhibition ideas. Many other male street artists have also come to the forefront of art appreciation in recent years. But little known are the female street artists our planet has to offer and, in my humble opinion, some of these women are far more talented than their male counterparts.


Here’s a selection of my favourite female street artists:


Swoon: a New York based street artist famous for her beautiful life-sized prints of well-known and easily recognisable figures.  Expressionist in style, Swoon’s art is representative of the current social and political climate.


Miss Van: Miss Van was the first female street artist I became aware of.   Miss Van is an ardent feminist and she started the feminist movement in street art back in 1993, when she was just 20 years of age, only a year older than I am now!  Coming from Toulouse in France, Miss Van is famous for her ironic overtly sexual depictions of the female form.


Cristina Angelina: Based in Venice, Italy, Cristina produces street art that would rival any classic Italian painting.  Cristina uses both oil and wheat pasting techniques to produce the stunning detailed portaits seen on walls all over Venice and beyond.


CBloxx: CBloxx is a British street artist who took to painting walls after dropping out of art school. CBloxx uses handcut stencils and freehand to create dark, haunting imagery of skulls, skeletons and phantoms. These perfectly juxtapose the urban canvas on which they have found their new home.