Lucian Freud

So last night I watched the 2015 film, Legend. It is a film about the legendary Kray twins who ruled the London underworld during the 1960’s. Nothing new there you might say. There has been a film made about them before that starred the Kemp brothers of Spandau Ballet fame. This outing has little more to offer in way of the Krays story, but it does have an interesting angle to it. Both Kray brothers, Ron and Reggi, are depicted by the same actor, Tom Hardy, whom I am a great fan of. So for that reason alone, the film was worth a watch. But what on earth has this go to do with Lucian Freud you may well be asking. Well following the film, I decided to do a little further research on the Krays and came across a list of little known facts about them. And this is where I picked up this little nugget of useless info!

As you’re probably well aware, Lucian Freud was a British artist of German descent who was prominent during the 1940’s, 50’s and 60’s. Well it turns out that Freud allegedly also had a bit of a taste for gambling and ended up indebted to the Kray twins for a figure rumoured to be in the hundreds of thousands of pounds. He reportedly had to cancel a number of high profile exhibitions in order to keep a low profile and not antagonise his creditors any further, especially as they had already threatened to chop off his hand! Such was the colourful and often surreal life of one of Britain's preeminent artist of the 20th Century! Who knew? Fascinating stuff. Do any you have any interesting facts about famous artists you’d like to share with us? Send them into the usual address and I’ll put them up on the blog. Until next time.

lucian freud