My love for Retro Mopeds

My love for Retro Mopeds

Hello, Hattie here again, welcome back to my Art blog. I’m taking a bit of a different direction with my blog with this latest article but it’s still a long the Arts theme I suppose. I’ve always loved driving around on a moped, it’s a great way to sightsee and get around. I have never taken a driving test but have a licence which allows me to ride around on a moped. As I fancy myself as a bit of an artist, I’ve obviously been more drawn to either old retro style bikes. I diverted a little with my last moped however as my then partner wanted to share the bike so we ended up purchasing a new Honda online from the Honda Website.

Now me and my old partner are no longer an item, it’s time to off-load the expensive Honda to re-coop a little cash and search for something a little more Retro to suit my Artiness.

Ronald Meijs’ Motorman

There’s a pretty cool electric moped that’s been making the news recently and has been taking Europe by storm. Its popularity is growing as it is one of those green machines that doesn’t produce any of those harmful toxins that you get from mopeds like the Honda I bought which absolutely chugs on the petrol.  The bikes have been spotted around all the major cities in Europe like Amsterdam, Zurich, Brussels etc. The father of this invention is a Dutch designer called Ronald Meijs and you can tell that this line of bikes called Motorman has been created by someone with an artistic touch and a taste for what’s fashionable. He got the design from last centuries old board track racing bikes that you used to see in the motordromes.

How does it look?

The Motorman is technically a moped however it looks very different from any moped you’ll have seen before. It looks more like an electric push bike rather than a moped but unlike the normal e-bikes this is fully electric, it has no pedals so no man power is needed. Obviously, as this is fully electric, it isn’t the powerhouse like the fuel chugging Honda as it only sports a 2kw engine but it is by-far a cleaner, more eco-friendly way to travel around.

There’s no room for fancy gadgets but it does have a great industrial design. What I like is that they’ve kept it simple but very stylish without going the same way as a lot of bikes these days where they look a little bit too futuristic and space age. Like I’ve said, I much prefer vintage, retro designs being an artist. This bike is definitely retro, it has balloon tires, a low-slung gas tank and giant headlight on the front with a comfortable spring-mounted leather seat. It is a very beefy but classic design and why some people may be purely drawn to the fact that it’s eco-friendly, a lot of people just think the moped looks damn cool.



As easy as riding a bike

It apparently weighs a lot less than your standard moped, around half the size so that helps out the small 2kw electric engine. It is meant to ride very well and due to its weight, is easy to maneuver around tight spots or traffic-jams. Basically, if you can ride a push bike then you can ride one of these. I know a lot of people who are too scared to ride mopeds or scooters, let alone bigger motorbikes so this could be a really good alternative to having to use a standard push bike. It does however cost a lot more expensive than a cheap pushbike so it won’t be viable for a lot of people depending on their financial status. 

Out with the old, in with the older

I’ve had to look at selling my bulky Honda to claw back a bit of money but I still need a bike to get me round and I’ve never been one for pushbikes. I do like the Motorman visually but it’s not really for me. Keeping this in mind, I’ve been looking around the internet for somewhere I can buy a cheap used second hand moped or scooter to get me from A to B until I can afford something a little more fancy. I want something that has that old retro feel to it. As I can’t afford a brand new moped with retro design, I should definitely be able to find an old scooter with a bit of character at a bargain price. The following site I found to be pretty good if you want to buy anr old used moped I’ve found a few mopeds that I like the look of, so I’m just making the decision now on which one to buy.