Photoshop Art

Adobe Photoshop is photo editing and graphic design software used by both photographers and graphic designers. The professional version is a huge program with quite a hefty price tag. There is also an ameuter, cut down version called Photoshop elements which is far more forgiving on the wallet. What a lot of artists don’t realise is that it can actually be used pretty effectively for creating stunning pieces of digital art. Using the various tools, including brushes and pencils of varying shapes and size and incorporating the various filters that Photoshop has to offer can evolve into quite the creative process.

Some people like to start off by scanning in a favourite photo and applying various filters to it to see what the effects are. You can easily change a standard digital image into a water painting or a line drawing at the click of a button. It might be cheating a little bit but it’s a hell of a lot of fun and helps get your creative juices flowing. The liquify tool is a firm favourite as it allows you to distort targeted areas of the photo producing some really interesting results. Once you’ve got the hang of all the various tools and filters you can create a fresh canvas and make a start on your own unique piece of digital art. You can either use your computer mouse to control the cursor or, more suitably for an artist, a Wacom tablet and stylus which is more akin to drawing or sketching.

It takes a bit of practise to get the hand and eye coordination right but is very rewarding when mastered. Once you’ve completed your first piece of digital art you can print it out, use it as a screensaver or even most it on social media such as Facebook or Instagram. Enjoy!