Polymer Clay tips and tricks for beginners

Polymer Clay tips and tricks for beginners 

Hi there everyone.  Welcome back to my arts and entertainment blog, Art Com News.  Today I wanted us to take a step back to our roots and look at another great but different art material.  Previously we’ve looked at artists such as Lucian Freud so hopefully you will all like today's post on Polymer Clay.

What is Polymer Clay

Polymer Clay is a great and fun material, and is extremely versatile making it perfect for all levels of artists; including complete beginners and professional artists.  It’s used to create very small pieces, and is commonly used to create beads and pieces for use in jewellery due to the bright colours, ease and cheapness of material and fast process.

polymer clay examples

Where to buy Polymer Clay?

There are plenty of places where you can purchase Polymer Clay.  Most art and crafts store will stock plenty of different varieties and colours of Polymer Clay and you can also find it on several art resources websites. However my favourite place to purchase Polymer Clay is through used classified ads website.  You can find large quantities of Polymer Clay for cheap low prices.  I like to use www.for-sale.co.uk as they tend to have many different choices and lots for sale.  

How to store Polymer clay

There are many different things which will alter Polymer Clay and consequently spoil it.  It is very important to make sure that you are keeping the Polymer clay as far away from heat sources as possible.  This includes radiators, heaters, lamps and sunny windows.  This is because heat is what we use to cure or harden the clay and a slow gradual heat will also cause this to happen.  You should also make sure that you keep your clay free from dust and hairs.  Because of this I like to keep my Clay in plastic embroidery floss storage boxes that I got second hand from; http://www.for-sale.co.uk/embroidery-thread-organiser.  The will also dry out if left out, so make sure the seal the in either plastic bags or boxes like myself.

polymer clay fish necklace

Quality clays

One of the most important things to do when working with Polymer Clay is to make sure you chose a reputable brand.  My favourite brand is FIMO as they come in many different types of clay, from professional to soft, and effects which come sparkly or iridescent.  Other great brands include; Premo, Kato, Cernit, Filani and Pardo.  Each brand has its own strengths and weaknesses and some are better for jewellery making whilst others are better for sculpting.  Make sure to research the brand against your uses to make sure its compatible. 

Help, I’m not very good with small delicate beads

Don’t worry if after some trial and error you find that you are having more trouble than it’s worth creating your own beads you can always buy pre-made beads online.  These can then be used to create your own pieces of jewellery.  Again you can buy these beads at many places but I like to buy second hand polymer clay jewellery pieces from www.for-sale.co.uk/polymer-clay-beads where they have a variety of different beads and accessories.

fluffy wings 

Thanks for checking out my latest blog post, I hope some of you will pick up some Polymer Clay and give it ago.  Please check out my latest blog post on the Films of 2017 you’ve already missed.  Thanks and until next time, Ciao.