Projection Art

Hi Followers, it’s Hattie here again. Today I want to talk about projector art. A few years ago I borrowed a projector from a friend, projected a beautiful floral image onto my bedroom wall and then painted onto the wall using the projected image as my guide. A friend of mine has recently asked me to do something similar on her bedroom wall and has said she will pay me to do it. The only problem is, I no longer have access to a projector. I’m wondering if it might be a good idea to buy a projector so that I can do this a little, on the side, money earner from time to time.  It would also be really cool to set up a home cinema in my bedroom so that I can invite my friends around to watch films and eat popcorn! Aside from the wall with the floral mural, all the other walls in my bedroom are white, with a very flat and clean finish, so I wouldn’t even need to buy a projector screen.


Projection Art:


I am a pretty decent artist and so I can create freestyle wall murals. However, with my limited experience, I can only make very simple designs. By using a projector I can literally recreate any image on a wall. I could recreate anything from a very complex digital design, such as an image of the Mandelbrot, to an exact replica of the Mona Lisa.  I have a steady hand and a lot of patience, which are actually both quite rare skills it turns out.  I also love spending my time in this way. I find it both relaxing and cathartic. I can happily daydream away or fall into a meditative state whilst simultaneously managing to copy he image to perfection.




I have also considered offering my services to cafés, bars and restaurants. By using a projector, blackboards can be made to look much more professional, far cooler than freestyle handwritten boards and can be completed using paint pens, so the effect lasts a long time.  I must say, a lot of the eateries in my local area have very scruffy looking blackboards and I’m sure, if I offered my services at a reasonable cost, they would be keen to hire me.


Finding a Projector:


With all of this in mind, I am on the hunt for a projector for sale. There are so many different types of projectors available and the cost varies hugely, as can be seen on this website.  The quality seems to vary a lot too. There are some tiny, inexpensive, wireless projectors available but I wonder if they would last me the duration or if I would need to keep constantly replacing them. The more robust looking, better brands are very expensive and totally out of my budget unfortunately.


Buying Secondhand:


I’ve decided that it would be wiser to buy a projector with rave reviews, from a reputable brand and that has a good shelf life. In order to do this I need to buy a secondhand projector because I cannot afford a brand new one. There are some amazing deals on secondhand projectors here so I’m looking to buy one and get it shipped over to me as soon as possible. I’ve found a really decent looking projector available for around 70GBP, which seems almost too good to be true!


Setting Myself up in Business:


As I am only 19 I really have no idea how to start using the projector as a money maker. Any advice from you, my lovely followers, would be most welcomed. Should I make a business card and go from eatery to eatery handing them out? Or is it better to call first and arrange an appointment with the owners or managers? I have absolutely no sales experience and am not sure how best to handle this. Also, would it be a good idea to offer my services for free initially so that I can build my portfolio? Regarding the mural projections, I think news of my talent for this will spread amongst my friendship groups, and their wider networks, via word of mouth and I am certain I will be able to build a portfolio of mural recreations very quickly.


My Existing Work:


I’ve posted a picture of the mural I created on my bedroom wall, so that you have an idea of my skill level. Also, a few years ago I used a projector to make up a chalkboard for a friend and have also posted a photo of something very similar, as a guide. All and any advice to help me get started with this little sideline to my studies would be most welcome.





Many thanks and chat again soon, Hattie x