Shopping Spree - Miss Me Jeans!

Hey guys, it’s Hattie again and this time we are going to be talking about something a little bit more modern, leading on from my last entry about my love of all things textiles, especially 19th Century. So I am still in the process of trying to do some good work with the textiles that I have been buying, so when I have something that I am slightly proud of I will let you all see the results, but for now I’m going to talk about the recent shopping spree that I went on, as my attempts at textiling can be a little frustrating! So for one entry and one entry only, my blog is kind of going down the fashion route instead of the usual art theme, so I hope that doesn’t displease too many of you!


Girls Love Jeans!


Now every girl loves a good pair of jeans, right? Well I do just as much as the next girl. You can’t have too many pairs of jeans and I recently upgraded my wardrobe quite substantially! I went on a bit of a spree, both online and at the shopping centre and spent a little bit more than I should have, but who cares, it’s better than going out and spending money on alcohol or something else that is gone as soon as you have purchased it. I wasn’t aware before of the amazing Miss Me jeans that are available. They do some really amazing jeans! I had a look on their website and I was very surprised by how vintage some of the jeans are. Some of the styles are really tasteful and right up my street. The jeans are not cheap by any means but I think they are worth it, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with buying jeans that are used or second-hand, because sometimes that can make the jeans look even more cool. The worn-in look suits so many styles.


Miss Me Jeans Styles


There “Vamp” mid-rise jeans are really stunning and they do some very cool colour variations. I particularly like the red jean, which is so versatile and also eye-catching. The “Front Row Fashionista” jeans are also a new favourite of mine. The buttons on the front look so bold against the white colour. Would be a nightmare to keep clean but I have wanted to own a pair of white jeans for a long time, but just haven’t found the right pair. I also some “Stitched Sailor” shorts that will be amazing come summer time, so I might just wait to get those, well at least until I get paid again anyway!! I was really surprised by the variation of the Miss Me Jeans range and I am a little annoyed with myself that I haven’t discovered them sooner.


Wing It


The “Blue Jasmine Boyfriend” ankle jeans are a little out there for me but I think they could work for some of us. I like a nice pattern on the bum but not so much when there are patterns or stitchings all over the shop. Expensive jeans too so you would need to be sure about all of the birds and flowers. However, slightly contradictory to my previous statement, I do love a pair of ripped/distressed jeans. They just have so much of an iconic look and I think that style is pretty much timeless. They can look so sexy and yet also quite classy if you pick the right outfit to go with it. Going down my love of textile route the “Wing It” range is very nice, with a tasteful yet sexy embroidered pattern on the bum cheeks. Nice jeans!




Overall though I think it has to be the Fashionista jean, either in faded blue or the previously mentioned white. Really cool and understated style yet quite bold at the same time. As you can tell I’m quite impressed with these jeans!


Oh My, BARGAIN alert


Then I went looking to see if I could find any bargains and I was very pleased to find this website There were so many different Miss Me jeans styles to look through and because they are second-hand there are some very cheap jeans on there. Really recommend it if you don’t mind/like buying used clothes. I also found some great Hilfiger jeans on there too, so many to choose and explore, it’s a bit dangerous to be honest!


So, after my purse taking a huge hit, I hope to have given you a bit of an insight into Miss Me Jeans. I really enjoyed my recent shopping spree and also writing about something that is a bit different for a change, hope you did too!


Hattie x