Vintage : more than a fashion, a way of life


Vintage is still very fashionable today especially for many of my friends but this is a pretty vague trend for some people.

It is often said that fashion is made to be old fashioned but this is some time now that the vintage fashion continues to please! To enter our daily lives in every detail of our wardrobe to our interior passing through vinyl records furniture and practical books to the retro look. Decryption of a properly installed trend.


The pleasure of the scarcity


The term is today a bit overused, let's start with a little etymological research, always rich of teaching. The English term 'vintage' is based on our former french "harvest" which meant a remarkable porto for its quality, in reference to a particular vintage. Deformation

spelling and semantic later, the word appears in the 80s, to qualify a cloth or an accessory of the past decades. The fashion takes the term and ignites then for the old prestige Designer garments until the definition of vintage extends to any room used by dating from the 1980s, such is the sacred boundary of the worthy of the appellation vintage. Vintage fashion emerges in New York, combining ancient and modern parts, because attention, so elegance vintage operates, you need to know to make the rare piece starring, otherwise it looks disguised and is the absolute corny.


The term key hidden behind the concept of the vintage comes to be unveiled: scarcity. If the vintage is both the side for some time is that authenticity is sought against the tide of the massification of the accessible mode at all with the big names of the type Zara and sisters. By definition, the vintage is unique, rare, so more personal and more chic. Another advantage of vintage, a second hand market that allows to be in the vintage world for cheap. The 30/40 years from today are the target of the vintage, are also what to feed their nostalgia because the vintage tells us the best of an era and comforts us.

Vintage thus took its place on the web with online sales sites.


Who started the trend?

These are first supermodels like Naomi Campbell and Kate Moss, who started the trend by wearing vintage parts at official events in the early 1990s.

But it was in 2001 that the vintage has become a true phenomenon, including through the appearance of Julia Roberts in the Oscar ceremony, wearing a dress Valentino dating back to 1992. Then, all stars is there are updates! Demi Moore, Winona Ryder, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, or Jennifer Lopez, that has seen wearing a dress Valentino 1967 owned by Jackie Kennedy. The class!


Daily also


More than clothes, it is more generally the art of living, which has adopted the tone vintage. The furniture is a success, handing it over to the taste of the day industrial props, phones and alarm clocks to the colours and... questionable ergonomics! The phenomenon is such that this authentic vintage did hatch a vintage spirit in contemporary design. Automakers were thus inspired to older stars with increasingly advanced technology (for example: the Fiat 500 that is reborn from its ashes). The finding is the same for the House, the garden, the kitchen...

A good French friend to me, a big fan of vintage who wanted find a new house with a vintage style, It was difficult for him because it doesn’t exist specialized real estate for vintage but he found a very good search engine: immobilier-france, a real estate website where there are thousands of ads and he found his happiness ! It’s an old house renovated with a vintage interior decoration, very fashionable!