Vintage Vespas

Vintage Vespas 

Hello followers! I hope you are all doing well and have had a week full of artistic adventures and curiosities! It is really great sharing these with one another and I hope you continue to enjoy my blog as a resource for all of your artie news and information. 

Today I am going a little off topic compared to my usual method but I wanted to share an interest I have with you that can surprisingly itch the artistic scratch that I have from time to time. So as the title suggests I am talking about Vintage Vespas. Well in my humble opinion they can be considered an expression of art. They have a wisp of european charm and romanticism, making one feel as though you are meandering around the idilic streets of Italy in the 1950’s. Or is that just me? Maybe it’s seeing images of Audrey Hepburn riding one, I mean pretty girls always sell bikes right? Well I think in regards to Vespa this is very much so the case. Heres that iconic picture of Hepburn and Gregory Peck riding through the streets of Rome in the 1953 movie ‘Roman Holiday’…



The Vespa was actually first produced in Italy in 1946 after Cushman scooters were introduced into Italy during the war in order for soldiers to travel around bases and European towns and cities. From the get go the newly imagined Vespa designed by Piaggio, gained instant popularity and by the 1950’s sales began to rise rapidly with 60,000 Vespas being sold to the public. Then of course came the movie which enabled Vespa to sell a further 100,000 units as a direct result of the film. Forget your Knight in shining armour, its all about finding love on a Vespa! This image along with the back drop of Rome became senominous with Vespa for years to come and arguably still to this day. Further film companies realised the little vespas charms and so too began featuring them in their movies. Marlon Brando, Dean Martin and Charlton Heston were all seen riding Vespas off screen. By 1970 Piaggio announced the production and sale of near to 5 million Vespas all over the world. 

The Vespa became an iconic image of freedom, fun and adventure. 

As competition grew and stricter regulations developed Vespa struggled to keep up with the likes of Japanese producers and went off the radar, losing its strong hold in America. Vespa soon changed their strategy though and were back firmly near the top of the pack as it seemed the public were unable to let go of the Vespas romantic charm. 

My Interest

I guess I have always had a fascination with times gone by and love anything vintage with a story and history behind it. I have been to several Vespa shows before which introduced me to the sheer variety of the brand. Most significantly though, when traveling and living in Asia for a short while I became friends with someone who owned an original Vespa. They soon realised my obsession and let me ride it. It was everything I had ever imagined it to be and firmly reafermed the love I shared for this beautiful bike. Oh and if you want to find out a little more about whats going on with the brand then check out the news section of the Vespa website.

Anyway, heres a few examples of the Vespas I like and why.

  I love this black Vespa with the crome trim. Its so moody, cool and intriguing. 

This particular Vespa is a very classic model and colour. I love how it captures that idilic and romantic charm that Vespas are so well known for. 

Wow! This Vespa is so retro and fun! I love the mix of colours and all of the intricate details. It really is a show stopper. 

Buying my dream Vespa

Now, after all this time, it has finally come to the point where I can actually afford to buy one (believe me they are not cheap!). With that in mind I have dedicated a lot of time to trying to find the right Vespa for sale that is within my price range and after scouring the internet came across a classified ads site found at: site has a variety of Vespas for sale all at a very reasonable price and I believe amongst them is the very Vespa for sale that I have been looking for, I just need to bite the bullet and make my decision! I guess it feels weird that after all this time of dreaming about owning one that in a matter of weeks those dreams will become a reality. 

Will keep you all posted on which one I buy. Oh and heres a fun fact for you: Vespa means wasp in Italian…Addio!