YouTube All-Stars

YouTube All-Stars

Hi guys! 

Today I wanted to share with you a bit about making money.  As with many aspects of life, things have changed considerably over the years regarding generating and adding to the ever-diminishing pot of household income.  Yet while the traditional way of earning money - by offering oneself to the nine-to-five treadmill - will always be available to us (at least until we’re replaced by machines that is), the spread of  online alternatives now available is phenomenal, particularly when you consider the miracle of YouTube.

As time goes on, more and more people are realizing that their skills can be marketed and utilized online with just as much success as what is generally referred to as a ‘real job’.  Those without specific skills are not allowing it to become an obstacle, and instead they are getting themselves online, taking courses, following instructional articles or video tutorials, the likes of which gargantuan websites such as YouTube play a huge part in their growth and success. “

I was chatting to a good friend the other week who I’ve only known the last couple of years.  He’s a lot younger than me (early twenties or so) and rides a beautiful vintage vespa.  He also has that lovely quirky ‘neo gangstoh’ accent of English that symbolizes the youth culture of modern Britain.   For as long as I’ve known him he’s always been an avid follower of British hip hop (as was I at his age back in the early nineties), which these days has evolved somewhat into stand off-style rap battles, whereby two opposing lyricists do everything but resort to physical violence as they take it in turns ruthlessly slamming each other down with the most heinous verbal abuse as dozens of shocked onlookers fall about in a frenzied kind of hysteria while thrashing their fingers in a downward motion as if trying to shake off something unwanted.

Rap battle

One of his favourite ways to ride time is to watch YouTube videos of said battles, and also rap videos that are recorded by these same artists and released to the public via YouTube.  We happened to be watching a few of these videos together in a bar one night and I rather foolishly and ignorantly enquired as to whether these kids do this all the time or whether or not they actually have jobs. Much to my amazement his response was astounding. Why would they?  They’re making a fortune doing what they love doing.  Didn’t I feel stupid?  From generating an audience, a following and a bumper crop of likes and shares under their belt from visitors and fans, the cash is rolling rolling rolling in.  It’s genius!  And I had absolutely no idea.

So, in true Staffordshire terrier fashion, I started digging. It turns out that every bit of it is true, legit, and incredibly doable.

Make money on YouTube

Apparently, while many believe that it’s all about likes and clicks, that’s not necessarily the case.  It’s got a lot more to do with the ads and more specifically, the kind of engagement each visitor has with the ad in question.  Engagement in this case means clicking or watching an ad for more than 30 seconds. 

Just to make things a little clearer here, it seems there are generally three types of ad:

The YouTube Goldmine 

Naturally this all got me curious and I started wondering what kind of earnings people out there were generating.  With a little more digging I came up with a staggering array of successful individuals who’ve clearly ‘made it’ in the videoing, vlogging and general online earning world.  Their content is quite diverse but encompasses a whole host of topics such as online cooking channels, video pranks, satirical skits and sketches, beauty tutorials, playing violin while dancing, comedy challenges (watching a clip of something without cracking a grin), and other random madness.  

Youtube all-star

But the one that stands out, the pièce de résistance, is a fellow who goes by the name of ‘pewdiepie’: a 25 year old Swedish chap who is - at least at the time of writing - YouTube’s highest-earning user.   With over 40 million subscribers, he’s successful simply from his rare skill of adding his own running commentary while playing video games, Pewdiepie is currently raking in excess of $12, a year.  His most popular video has been viewed over 70 million times. 

As with most things there are multiple resources that offer advice and information on achieving pretty much anything, and I recently came across a great site that has many online e-book tutorials that cover all the ins and outs of vlogging and making money online.

Thanks for reading, until next time..